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History of Kutch

History of KutchIn the early 1500s the traces of Indus valley civilization has been revealed by Dholavira – Kutch. Then the eastern sub division emptied the rann which was further converted into fresh water lake. In the beginning of the year 120 BC the mauryan territory ruined the kutch and the sindh accepted the greek policy. The Dholavira was occupied in the earlys 2900 and 1900 and slowely they are leaving the place in the year after 2100. Dholavira is also well known as the grandest of all cities.

Kutch History

History of Kutch is very complicated to understand. There were many rulers who ruled kutch. In the Medival time kutch is known as an independent empire which was founded in 13th century jadeja rajput. The empire ruled kutch and many other cities Kathiawar for many years till the independence of india 1947. After the year 1815 kutch was also known as princely state of kutch. Bhuj is the capital of kutch. The great historical monument till existing is the Aina mahal which was constructed in 1760s by Ram Singh Malam. He knows the art of glass work. Kutch was having its own currency. Maharao had also constructed Kutch Railway Station.

Kutch was also known as a territory of india and was constituted an independent city. In the year 1950 state was formed within the union of india. Chhotalal Khovshaldan Desai became the first representative of kutch state. Furthur it was combined with Bombay State in 1960 and was the part of Gujarat State. Karachi and Sindh were the part of Pakistan. A new port was built up known as Kandla which was situated in kutch. There a quarrel between the kutch and Pakistan and the war started ahead of the Kashmir war. Kutch History also shows the top, brilliant Resorts in Kutch for the nice Accommodation during their trip to Kutch.

Earthquake in Kutch

There was disastrous Earthquake in Kutch History. Many people suffered the losses and it was a dangerous and a rigorous among the other and they lost their lives and their relatives. Bhuj was fully shattered and many of the historical monuments are damaged. Houses were also fully broken down. Aina Mahal was also effected but till there is no renovation since 2009.

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