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Kutch Culture

The Kutch district in Gujarat is well known for its traditional and cultural values. Kutch Culture is famous for its creative art. They speak Kutchi language. Culture of Kutch has different communities such as nomadic, semi nomadic still living. The houses in kutch are very creative and civilized. Culture in kutch is very artistic and colourful.

Culture of Kutch The Kutch people are almost vegetarian and the main food include bajra and milk. They drink buttermilk while having lunch. Kutch is a creative region in india in the field of textile art. The embroidery work which is done in a very intense manner and it seems to be very attractive. The speciality of this region is embroidery work with different styles such as mirrors. Tatoo is the main Culture in Kutch.

Kutchi Folk Music:

Kutch district is very fond of Kutchi Folk Music and it plays a vital part of everyone's lives. The foundation of the Folk Music is existed since the ancient period. The man in the early stage were use to invent new sounds for showing his feelings and sentiments and at that time music further developed as folk music.

Culture of Kutch Music is like harmony and the way through a man can show his feeling and sentiments. There are various instruments such as Daklu, Damaru, Dholak, Duff, Flute, Ghaghar, Khanjari, Manjira and Jhanjha, Murli, Nagara, Sarnai, Tabla which are used for music. Musical Instruments are linked with various aspect of people and their religion.

Kutchi Folk Dance:

Kutch Culture also includes Kutchi folk dance. In Culture of kutch folk dance is the oldest form of dance.There are different forms of folk dance such as Dandiya Raas and kutchi Gajiyo. There are modern forms of dandiya known as disco dandiya.

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