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Places to Visit in Kutch

There are various Places to Visit in Kutch like Historical buildings and leftovers of Indus valley civilizations and places which are related with Mahabharata and british raj. Many Tourist attraction

Rann of Kutch

Great Rann of KutchThe word Rann is derived from a hindi word and it means Desert. The Great Rann of Kutch is a tourist attraction spot. It is situated in kutch district of gujarat and it is the major salt desert around the world. Rann of Kutch is a seasonal marshland. The entire region is about 2,897 sq mtr and it is occupied by kutchi people.

Rann of Kutch....

Kutch Museum

Kutch MuseumKutch Museum is one of the ancient museum and it has an brilliant collection founded by James Ferguson and he was the chief on Bombay. This museum generally contains many picture gallery, an archeological section, textiles, musical instruments, a shipping section. The whole of the museum is painted with flowers.

The entrance of the museum is displayed with an elephant with seven tusk and it was imprinted with wooden.

Roha Fort

Roha Fort KutchRoha Fort is located in the small hill and 50 km from bhuj. The fort is situated on the boundary of the roha village in Nakhatrana Taluka of kutch.It was the place of roha Jagir.There were many princess who surrendered their lives and they took samadhi after that the place was known as sumari fort. it consist of 52 towns.Rao Khengarji is recgonized leader of kutch. Roha Fort is about 500 feet from ground and 800 feet from sea.

Aina Mahal

Aina Mahal KutchBestowing a attractive combination of Ind-European style. The Aina Mahal is an18th-century Mahal in bhuj. It was constructed by Lakhpatji and the architect of aina Mahal was Ram Singh. Aina Mahal is a mesmerizing combination of different styles of architecture. The design of Aina Mahal were influenced by a splendid nightmare that has come true and was combined with Indo-European fashion.

The entire wall is full of marble and decorated with gold lace, mirrors and the whole room is wonderfully used. Aina Mahal is enclosed with fountain operated by an Elaborated system of pump below a Venation and are used in various way open space is wonderfully used to form a pool. The art of kutch is displayed in the Mahal. The hall is complicated with different shades of glass. The Aina Mahal contains many superb and delicately carved embroidered things and many ancient paintings and clocks.It's a tourist destination and must visit.

Narayan Sarovar Lake

Narayan Sarovar Lake KutchNarayan Sarovar Lake is one of the blessed and a holy place for hindus. The word Narayan Sarovar means the lake of Narayan and it is known as one of the holy rivers of india. it is a also known as Panch Sarovar. It is in a distance of about 135 km.

Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Kutch Great Indian Bustard SanctuaryKutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is also famous as lala parjan. It is located in Abdusa Taluka near Nalia in Kutch. You can reach Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary by road, rail. The nearest bus station and railway station is in Nalia. Tourist can reach Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary even by air the nearest airport is in bhuj it is about 110 kms. It is one of the great sanctuaries in kutch and it is acknowledged as sanctuary in 1992. The best time to visit Sanctuary is the monsoon and in the ending season of winter and the perfect mode to love the evacuation is by taking a pace around the natural environment. There are many species of bustard family such as Black and Gray Francolin, quails, larks, shrikes, coursers and plovers. Even there are species of flamingos, herons, egrets and sandpipers. Ghorad is one of the chief bird species of the sanctuary. The overall bird in the sanctuary is about 1000 in which the available 30 birds are existing.The tourist can enjoy the love of nature.

Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary

Narayan Sarovar WildlifeNarayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the sanctuaries that as a board range of wildlife that has different types of species such as reptiles, birds. All types of animals are found in this sanctuary even the rare mammals like foxes, wild boar, wildcats. The climate of the sanctuary is extreme hot during summer and in winter it is the coldest month.

Koteshwar Temple Kutch

Koteshwar Temple KutchKoteshwar Temple Kutch is a holy place which is situated in Lakhpat district. Koteshwar temple kutch is a tourist place and is situated in the Arabian sea on the end of kutch. There is an ancient story related to this temple. Lord shiva was impressed by ravana so the lord gifted him a ling and ravan thought of becoming everlasting. But because of its ego and over confidence he dropped down the ling after that it converted into thousand lings.

Bhadreshwar Temple

Bhadreshwar TempleBhadreshwar Temple is one of the most ancient temples which is situated in bhadrawati and is a holy place for pilgrims. In 1315 the temple was renovated and it was constructed by the Jain monk. People of all religion come and worship. There are almost 72 statue.

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